Monday, July 9, 2018

Maria and Himawari on HRIT

The High Rate Information Transmission (HRIT) broadcast stream from GOES-16 carries a number of Virtual Channels, each identified with a Virtual Channel ID (VCID).  These channels include all imagery data, EMWIN graphics, text products, and other data products.  As of July 2018, the imagery includes periodic, reduced-resolution copies of GOES-15 Imager and Himawari 8 AHI (Advanced Himawari Imager) spectral bands to provide coverage of the Pacific Ocean. 

NOAA published a very useful list of HRIT VCIDs (and lots of other interesting information) in a presentation to the HRIT/EMWIN User's Group in April 2018.

The Himawari data is of particular interest, since the AHI is almost identical to the GOES-16 ABI, and arrives at 2200x2200 pixels, on three spectral bands, once per hour.  While this is downscaled 4x (1/16 of the pixels) from its native resolution, it is still much sharper than the 859x811 of the older GOES-15 (West) imager.  All three channels can be seen below, highlighted by Super Typhoon Maria as it approaches Japan and Taiwan.

HRIT broadcasts of Himawari 8 AHI IR and Visible bands showing
Super Typhoon Maria approaching Asia, 2018-07-09 0051UTC
The bands are shown here individually, but there's some interesting possible future work in generating false color images that resemble the false-color and GeoColor products that are generated by RAMMB/CIRA.

100% Crop of Himawari 8 IR1 HRIT channel showing
Super Typhoon Maria, 2018-07-09 1551UTC


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